To live is to learn

Chartered status represents the highest standard of professional excellence and integrity. It demonstrates a breadth of experience and achievements and requires keeping pace in a fast-moving profession.

I am not a quick learner. I tend to read and consult widely and process information slowly. I’d like to think that my approach leads to better thought-out conclusions. Or maybe I am just slow.

If there is one thing my plodding brain has learnt over the years, it is that learning, however it is done, is always a good thing. To learn is to live, to move, to grow and to thrive. Without it we stagnate and regress. I can testify to this. It is one of the many lessons I have learned slowly, the hard way.

I can also testify to the joy and inspiration that can come from an open mind and continued learning, especially later in life. Perhaps it is true what they say, that education is wasted on the young.

Professionally, we learn in all sorts of ways; from the experiences we have, from the people around us and more formally through training and continued education. By focussing some of this learning energy on the milestones we want to achieve in our career we continue to develop as professionals, doing more of what we want to do, doing it better and achieving more.

That is why I have decided to try for Chartered Practitioner status with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). As a long-standing member and active CPD participant, I am already Accredited under their scheme, so this is the next logical step. It is a big step too. I understand that the process is demanding and rigorous. It is far from a foregone conclusion that I will succeed but I know that I will learn a lot by going through it, whatever the outcome.

The assessment for chartered status covers leadership, strategy and ethics and I’ll be studying and thinking about these topics over the next few weeks as I prepare. Maybe I’ll share some of my learning here. 

Wish me luck!

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