Making the most of what you do well

The growing discussion around issues of corporate responsibility and sustainability offers a major opportunity for businesses to position themselves on key issues. By joining the discussion, showcasing initiatives and sharing goals and aspirations, business have a chance to take a clear, considered stance on the material issues that affect their customers and stakeholders.

Most of the businesses that I come across are already doing great things in their sustainability and CSR programmes. They are working to reduce their use of energy and water, minimising waste, introducing staff well-being programmes and getting involved in community initiatives. Some are working with their supply chains to take responsibility for materials sourcing and many have remanufacture, repair or end-of-life disposal policies. Some of the businesses I have been privileged to work with have truly transformational business models such as product-as-service, closed-loop recycling or industrial symbiosis to use ‘waste’ as resource.

Whatever their starting point, I have noticed that many of the organisations I talk to have one thing in common; they are struggling to articulate clearly their approach to responsible business, what the benefits are and how it aligns with their wider corporate strategy. As a result, there are some great stories going untold and organisations are in danger of being seen as out of touch.

To help put that right, I am offering a limited edition fixed-fee consultancy service to review your current communications around sustainability and CSR and advise where the opportunities are for your business. I’ll provide you with a straightforward report that summarises what you are already doing well, where the gaps are and suggestions for how you might join up initiatives under coherent messaging that resonates with your audiences.

You’ll get a standalone report designed so that you and your team will be able to action the ideas yourselves if you want to. Or if you’d like further support, then I can help you implement them too, as a separate project.

The service is available Oct – Dec 2016 for a special introductory fixed fee of just £500 (+ travel expenses).

For more information about this offer or to discuss your communications project, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

Make the most of what you do well with joined-up, purposeful communications. 

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